God is so faithful!

When God’s children desire to worship Him, God will make a way to fulfill that desire.

This is how the Wesleyan Church’s first Filipino congregation in Montreal started.

Rev & Mrs Charles Ampaguey’s formal installation as pastors of the new Filipino congregation in Montreal.

Several Filipino workers, who attended the Wesleyan Church in the Philippines, arrived in Montreal, Quebec, to start their new life. They had jobs, homes to go to, but no church that they could call their own. There were churches in Montreal, but their hearts long for the fellowship that they were used to back home. A church that integrates the biblical Wesleyan teaching and the Filipino way of worship and fellowship. Although these Wesleyan brethren meet for fellowship from time to time, they were like sheep without a shepherd.

But God had a plan! When the small Filipino Wesleyan community grew in Montreal, Rev Charles Ampaguey arrived in Toronto to join his wife, Rose Lily, who worked for six years under the country’s Care Giver Program. While studying for his insurance licensing exam, God revealed to Rev Ampaguey the great need for a leader in Montreal. Although he was an ordained minister in the Philippines, he felt that he was not equal to task of pastoring a congregation in Canada. It would be very difficult considering he was new in the country, and he didn’t have a stable job to finance the weekly 6-hour trip to Montreal. God will just have to send someone else.

The Bible study group in Montreal.

However, God showed Rev Ampaguey in different ways that he was the man for the job! After passing his licensure exam, his work took him as far as Ottawa and Montreal. As his connections grew, so did his vision for a Filipino congregation in Montreal. His heart responded to what he observed: people are hungry for God’s Word and for Christian fellowship.

Early in 2011, whenever he visited Montreal, Rev Ampaguey conducted Bible studies with the friends he connected with. Soon, the group grew and on July 1st, they held their first formal Sunday morning service. This simple but meaningful worship time marked the beginning of the new Wesleyan Church in Montreal. In January 2012, Rev Charles Ampaguey was formally installed as pastor of the newest congregation in Central Canada Region.

The potluck fellowship after the first formal service on July 1, 2011.

On July 1st, 2012, the Filipino congregation of the Wesleyan Church in Montreal will celebrate its first anniversary.

Finally, our Filipino Wesleyan brethren has settled in their home church.

But the work has just begun!

Prayers are needed! As you celebrate Canada Day, please remember this small congregation in your prayers. Specifically, pray:

  • for a continuing hunger for God’s Word among the brothers and sisters in Montreal
  • for opportunities to share God’s Word.
  • for continued provision
  • for wisdom for Rev Ampaguey as he leads the congreation towards a deeper relationship with Jesus
  • for weekly traveling mercies for Rev Ampaguey and his family